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MySQL Query Timeout

I once wondered if I can put a timeout constraint on my SQL queries and YES, here is the process if you want to try it too.

Table of Content

  1. Setting Up a MySQL Database in Docker
  2. Fill Database with Data
  3. Set Constraint on the Query
  4. Set Constraint on the Database

Setting Up a MySQL Database in Docker

First of…

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I had an experience that I’d like to share with you, I were in a situation where my Golang project was continuously allocating more memory after some time it had to be restarted, if you are in the same situation these points may help.

Finding out the line of the root cause

Your project may be huge and…

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Machine learning is used more and more often every day and the top language usually used for it is python but python is not that fast to satisfy users so I tried to implement ML algorithms in golang which is much faster take a look at

Elahe Dastan

CE @ Amirkabir University of Tech.

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